Thursday, February 2, 2012

Sun Salutations ....

Since it is Thursday, that means I did yoga!

Let me back up a day for a minute though. I came home yesterday in a fairly grumpy mood. So while I wasn't planning on running, I ended up going to the gm on my way home from work.

It was about 7:45pm when I got to the gym - Planet Fitness. There is at least 40 treadmills and I literally got on the last open one. I totally expect that at 6pm but 7:45?

I have been making a conscious effort to get better at running on the treadmill for the sake of running in the dark/winter. Although I would gladly take Saturday's 30 degree outdoor run over last nights 90 degree run. I swear the gym cranks up the heat to make people think they are sweating lots and losing all sorts of weight. 

I was planning on doing about 2 miles but ended up doing 3.25 in 35 minutes including .25 warm up walk/.25 cool down walk. Cranked up my Rascal Flatts channel on Pandora and ran. I am such a loser haha.

So I know that the giant logo I just posted says "the judgement free zone" but WTF was the girl on the treadmill next to me doing? I know I do odd things, but seriously this was the weirdest thing I have seen.

So these are the treadmill that are at my gym:

See that front bar thing - I hate it. It makes me feel cramped and then I end up holding all sorts of tension in my arms and it just gets in the way.  I end up touching it and then I end up having to run further back than I want. The other two gyms I have belonged to have no such bar. 

So I frequently see people doing the crank up the incline/speed but hold on for dear life - but what I saw last night was far worse than that. 

She would literally crouch down and hug that bar part in the middle (with both arms) but keep her feet running. She did this about every 30 seconds for about half of my run. It was so odd!

Okay judging is over.

I did yoga today and that felt nice. 50 minutes of sun salutations, warriors, stretches, and final relaxation. Hopefully another 5-6 miles this weekend (I haven't checked the weather yet). 

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