Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Long Time ... No Blog

Oh the life of a tax accountant ..... means no running!

So a few posts ago I mentioned a top I really wanted.

On Valentine's Day I came home "early" (7:30) and even though we said no presents this year, I was still hoping I got something. My husband said my present didn't make it on time.  Fast forward two days and I got the above Under Armour top that I drooled over and couldn't justify the cost. I love the top! I love that it has little thumb cut outs to keep the sleeves from riding up, I love the color, and I the fit.  I was so excited that I literally jumped up and down. 

I didn't run the weekend after my last post because we had snow one day and then I was taking the CPA exam (one part of four parts) that Sunday. Speaking of which - I have been anxiously waiting for the score and other jurisdictions have there results as of yesterday and I am still waiting for mine!

Last weekend I did another identical run to the last two weekends. I felt pretty good for the first 3 miles and then for the second half I was all sorts of achy.  


Then yesterday before dinner at work, a coworker and I went for a short run through the various parking lots in the office park area that the building is in. 

Not sure what will be on my running agenda this weekend. I am crazy tired and it is only Wednesday. I am hoping I will do another Saturday morning run. I am doing yoga tomorrow which I am excited for. 

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  1. Ooooh! Thumb cut outs are the best!! So excited for you. And way to get some runs in even though it's the busiest season at work. It's pretty motivating, I must say.