Sunday, April 22, 2012

I'm Back ..... Sole of the City 10k Recap

So ... it has clearly been a while since my last posting. I have accumulated various things I wanted to post about over the last 6 weeks, but today I plan to write about the Sole of the City 10k.

My running over the last few months has been sub par but I have managed to knock out a 5-6 mile run almost every week of tax season. While I had a goal of 60 minutes for the 10k ... I knew it was a stretch since only a few of my winter runs were close to that pace.

Thursday after work I went over to Charm City Run and picked up my bib and shirt. The Under Armour shirt is awesome! Not only is it long sleeved (something I don't have much of because I am cheap) the logo was stitched! Pick up was easy and I loved that they did it at each of the locations.

In the bag was various ads and the bib. On the back of the bib was $10 off any merchandise. After the race my husband and I each used our $10 since there was a CCR at the race finish. He got a pair of socks and I got body glide (after rubbing the insides of my thighs nearly raw during the race)  and we only chipped in 3$.

The race itself:

1. Easy to get in and out off (we parked at the further lot but it was still an easy walk).
2. Started on time.
3. Really liked where the course went, most of the Baltimore races I have done omit the inner harbor.

4. On course support - there was more support than I expected for a 10K.
5. The water was oddly placed or not enough. Either that ... or I was dying from "heat".
6. Nothing to do with the race organization it self - but I was really dying from being hot.
7. Some parts were a little thin space wise but not as thin as parts of Annapolis Half and it didn't bother me but maybe some people.
8. I liked the post race area - places to sit down (tables and stairs). There was a band and some food. We also stopped by the new CCR store. It was nice to wander around and loosen ours legs with stuff to look at.

All in all - I had a fun time and would do it again.

I really struggled during the actual run. I was really hot and at one point my foot fell asleep for about a mile and it started to creep up my leg. My ankles bothered me again as well. Lets just say, this was not going to be an amazing performance and it was a feat to finish! Each mile felt about like 2 miles.

I might try and break out my old shoes on my next run ... I swear my ankles didn't bother me like this before ... but then again now my knees don't bother me like they sometimes did with my other shoes.

I think that is all I have to say.

And I found this pic on the CCR Facebook page.