Sunday, March 4, 2012

No Run Weekend ...

I love that the week I post my schedule and get all excited for the running to start to pick up, that I don't run. We opted not to run on Saturday since the weather was not that great.  I was planning on running Sunday morning instead.  I went to bed really early Saturday night (10) and didn't get up until 8 on Sunday. I still felt really exhausted from the week at work and my ankle was still bothering me. Not sure how long to be easy on my ankle - but I wouldn't want to make something small turn into a larger problem this early in the year.

So you wonder, what am I going to entertain you with in this post? Some of the fun from last Sunday's run that I completely forgot to post!

At Christmas, I got my husband the Digifit Running Bundle. This bundle includes:

  1. Garmin Foot Pod
  2. Digifit Adaptor
  3. Garmin Heart Rate Monitor Strap
He wasn't quite sure how to put the heart rate monitor on.

The bundle works with the iPhone app IRunner.  Digifit also has other tracking apps for bikers etc. 

I use the ArmPocket Sport I-20 to carry my iPhone and I love it. While it is somewhat bulky - I always forget about it and it is very good quality. It fits my iPhone with case & my car keys. During races, I am able to fit my iPhone and a couple of gels. The armband has a memory foam type insert that fits well around your arm and the case is fairly water resident. I have gotten caught in a few bad storms and my phone was nice & safe.

We took it for a test run but had technical difficulties and accidentally ended our workout on the App and had to do two workouts. I wanted to be able to compare it to my Nike+. Neither are super sophisticated ways to track things, but its a good enough for the price and gives enough detail. What I like about the Digifit app is that it tracks info from the heart rate monitor which my Nike+ does not. Also, the Digifit works with the scale that I got over Christmas. Since I like all things graphs and stats, it would allow me to make weight/body composition graphs with workout data as well.  Is it bad that I want to steal my husbands present?

Me in my new Valentine's Day Under Armour top.

A view from the NCR Trail.

I don't have data from last Sunday's run - be we ran 6 miles in 59 minutes for a 9:53 pace. I was so mad that with two phones that track things, I ended with 0 data. I forgot to turn mine on because I was messing with my husbands, and we accidentally ended the workout on his before we were done. Ahhh technology! 

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